HIROS' Productions


Shichiseikai is the group of Buddhist monks. It was founded as Shomyo performance on the stage in 1993. Since then it has been giving concerts and workshop in Japan and abroad. HIROS has been involved in their activities since its foundation as the managing director.


Asian Performing Arts Concert Series has been held mainly at XEBEC HALL, Kobe, Japan in order to introduce the Japanese traditional performing arts and Asian one since 1989.
The traditional performing arts in Asian countries has each own characteristics and they have been historically keeping on influencing each other so far. On this concert series we try to show both Japanese and the other Asian countrie's traditional arts on the same stage. So that we are able to come to know their differences and similarities. If some new form of performing arts is created out of the series, it will be meaningful and wonderful for us. We would like to continue the series. Following table shows the concerts we have organized so far.